How To Handle Every Workout Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

If you do some research on the internet on handstand training, you will easily find a hundred or so training programs for the arms. And all claim to be the best to increase the size of your arms. Subject matter experts are everywhere and some of them have even written books on the subject.

Most advice is based solely on hearsay or experience. But the problem with hearsay is that you never know for sure whether the people who advertised them actually used them at the beginning or if they could have done better by doing something else.

In the end, you are no more advanced. It is therefore better to go back to the fundamentals by modifying some parameters of your training. This will allow you to train more efficiently and intelligently. Here are these principles:

1 – Give priority to triceps

Everyone knows that the triceps are the muscles of the largest arms. Yet we tend to forget it. And this, as soon as you put your feet in a gym. To believe that our brain is lost in a fog where everything is only curls, curls and curls.

Stop reproducing this error.

Triceps alone represent 50 to 55% of the total size of the upper arm muscles. Then follow the biceps (25%) and the brachial (18%). Have you ever seen a powerlifter with little arms? No. Neither do I.

Some coaches seem to focus on the brachialis and ab exercises. However, the brachialis represents only a very small proportion in the musculature of the arm. So even if you increase it by 50%, the difference may not be visible to the naked eye.

Here’s an obvious training principle to remember: If you want to increase the volume of your arms, work the brachial last. Work your arm muscles by size. The more muscle is naturally important in the musculature, the more it needs to be worked on first. To summarize, this gives:

  • triceps
  • big Biceps
  • brachial
  • Triceps bodybuilding